Bronzed Collection

Crazy Angel Tan sprays effortlessly onto the skin and dries quickly leaving an instant bronze glow infused with bearbury the alcohal free solution leaves the skin silky smooth,has a lush fresh fragrance and provides a gorgeous deep and long lasting tan

  • Signature crazy angel tan –  €23
  • Crazy angel express tan –  €20
  • Body scrub and tan –  €45

The Crazy Angel self tan concept came from a need, want and desire for a personalised self tan. Crazy Angel knows that all angels are unique and that a one colour suits-all product isn’t personalised enough with an angelic touch for their precious bodies. From this the boutique brand was born. Ingredients were sourced from around the world to meet with the strict, alcohol, mineral oil and paraben free promise. Our range wouldn’t look out of place in any boudoir. Whether this is at home, your salon, on location or on the catwalk, Crazy Angel will add a touch of angelic class.