Colourphlex available at Reba 

ColorpHlex protects and strengthens hair during the colour and bleach process, reducing damage and breakage.



colorpHlex improves the strength and quality of the hair from the inside out. Scientifically formulated, colorpHlex uses a 12112092_918573864864148_9134806369193143987_nnaturally derived vegetable protein molecule that penetrates the hair, reinforcing bonds during the color and bleach process. Clinical trials show that a small amount of colorpHlex added to hair color or bleach makes hair up to 4Xs stronger, significantly reducing breakage, returning hair to its natural healthy state. We recommend colorpHlex home care products for home use to extend salon results.


– Clinical trials show using colorpHlex increases hair strength by 4Xs, returning hair to its natural healthy state.
– Reduces hair breakage and damage during the color or bleach process.
– Naturally derived vegetable protein molecules penetrate the hair shaft filling, bonding and protecting.


Amazing product that protects the hair whilst colouring!

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